Pastoral Care


All Saints Emergency Pastoral Care and Ministry to those in weakness

Ministry to the homebound, the dying, and those impacted by the death of a loved one.


Emergency Pastoral Care

In the face of grave illness; following an accident; surgery; failing health; or a traumatic event that calls for emergency pastoral care,  please contact Fr. Scott at 478-217-2113**.


Homebound Visitation

All Saints seeks to visit and care for our elderly and recovering parishioners. Fr. Scott and members of our Lay Eucharistic Visitors will come and share communion. Three times a year Fr. Scott visits allthe homebound of the parish. Other weeks, visitation is done by members of our Lay Eucharistic Visitors Ministry. To explore home communion please contact Fr. Scott at 478-923-1791. To join or to explore becoming a part of this profound ministry of care, please contactAnne Inman, our chair, at


Funerals at All Saints and the care of those grieving

If death appears imminent or if a loved one from All Saints has recently died, please contact Fr. Scott at 478-217-2113 **. Last Rites can be a profound comfort for those near death. Soon after death, we’ll seek to care for family by setting up a mutually good time to pray, remember, and plan.The funeral, a significant worship service, seeks to both honor God and the life of the one who has died. Fr. Scott’s initial gathering with friends and family helps to put the many moving pieces together. Much care and thought goes into each funeral service


All Saints Crisis Committee

All Saints has an active Crisis Committee that provides a meal or a reception for a families that have lost a loved one. The chair of All Saints Crisis Committee is Ellen Strait. She works both with Fr. Scott and All Saints parishioners to provide either a meal or set up a reception following the funeral. After the family has reached out to the Church to let us know about the death of a loved one, Fr. Scott connects with Ellen. Ellen will reach out to you to see if either a meal or a reception following the funeral is the next correct step. If you would like to be a part of this important ministry of care please contact Ellen at


ECW and All Saints Crisis Committee

Traditionally, the Episcopal Church Women (our ECW) as part of its wider ministry has and continues to supportAll Saints Crisis Committee. The ECW has and continues to support grieving families through this ministry by providing individual meals and supporting funeral receptions. To explore being be a part of the ECW and also be connected to their communication about how you might help provide care to families in need, please contact our ECW President Linda Christie at


** If Fr. Scott is unable to receive call, please leave name, best phone, and any other key info.  Following a message and as a failsafe, please also leave message at All Saints at 478-923-1791.