Installation of Fr. Scott-

Sunday, January 8th at 3pm:  you are invited to join All Saints Episcopal Churchas we celebrate new life and ministry with the installation of the Reverend Scott B. Petersen as our 9th Rector. This festive service does not occur often and is a golden opportunity for us to celebrate the gift of our new rector with the greater community. Please come and join us and plan to attend a wonderful reception that will follow in the DanielParish Hall!

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Sunday, Jan 8thwe install Father Scott as our Rector. Isn’t he already hired? What is the point of this service?

Fr. Scott is indeed already the priest of All Saints. His day-to-day ministry will not change.  This event helps us remember that our parish is but part of the much larger Church. The larger Church represented by our chief pastor, the Bishop, and many of the clergy of our diocese as well as visitors from other parishes and other denominations, will be with us to celebrate the continuation of Fr. Scott’s ministry here. There service also reminds us that the Bishop is our chief pastor, preacher, and liturgical presider. Fr. Scott is his representative in this place.


I’ve heard people calling it an installation and people calling it an institution, which is it and why?

The Prayer Book calls the service as a whole, Celebration of New Ministry. It begins with the Institution which is when the Bishop, the Wardens, and the Congregation formally affirm that he is the Rector. There is another part calledThe Induction when the Bishop, the Clergy, and the Congregation present to him symbols of the varied ministries he will lead us in. Then he joins the Bishop at the Altar to lead us in Holy Eucharist.


This sounds very official and important, can just anyone come?

Indeed! Anyone and everyone can come and we hope they will. We would like to see the church building filled and overflowing! (After all we take the gospel seriously, but not ourselves too much.)


Are there any special elements of the service that are unique that we might miss if we are not paying close attention?

The presentation of the symbols in the Induction is very impressive, I think. The prayer Fr. Scott will say at the end of that part of the liturgy is very moving. (It is also one of the only two places in the Book of Common Prayer where you find a prayer by an individual- saying “I” and “me” rather than “we.”)


I’ve heard people wear red to ordinations, what color will people be wearing on Sunday?

The clergy’s vestments at this service will the white, the liturgical color for festivals.


 What can we do?

You can commit to come.


Got that part. What else?

You can pray for Fr. Scott and his continued ministry at All Saints. You can pray for All Saints that we live further into God’s call in this community and in the wider Diocese. Pray that we lift up and not lose sight of Worship, Laughter, Love, and Service. Following our common Worship that day,  there will be a reception that the ECW (Episcopal Church Women)  is coordinating. You can connect with them to bring a dish to share or some other item needed to host our guests and parish community. Our thanks in advance for all those who will make this special worship service come together.


This description and FAQ is deeply grateful and borrowed heavily from Church of Transfiguration for their presentation and installment of The Rev. Casey Shobe.