Go! The Mission... Our Mission


This September, join us at All Saints to explore Jesus' command to "GO!"

 Go! is a command Jesus gives to his disciples in Luke 10. It is also a command he gives his church. Ever wonder, "Ok Jesus, I'm going but to what?" Maybe it's a little farther back from that: "Go? What for?"

That is a great question. We don't pretend to have all the answers here but we know that there is a richness... a blessing if you like... by heading out in mission for the purpose of doing what Jesus invites us to do. Our action as individuals and as a church (the body) is to be engaged in mission. Missional action is what we are supposed to be about. 

Join us to explore the command to "Go!" over the next 4 weeks:

Go!- Sept 10th at 10:15am

Pray!- Sept 17th at 10:15am

Travel Light! Sept 24th at 10:15am

Check the ditches! Oct 1 at 10:15am

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Other opportunities:

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Ministry Fair

Take a step and get involved on Sept 10th celebrating the start of a new Sunday School year.  We showcasing our All Saints Ministries at our Covered Dish following Church. Join us following church to consider a ministry that God might be sending you to and to break bread with us for lunch. If you are able, please bring a dish to share at our parish hall. No dish? No worries... just come as there is always just enough food for those who eat.

Adult Formation- Faith takes a lifetime to learn

Two opportunities

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How is your Christian mission? Join us at 9am Sundays in the Vestry room for The GO Guide by Bishop Wright and The Rev. Donna Mote. Take a deeper look at the sermon series themes through discussion over coffee. Starting Sept 10th and meeting each week through Oct 8th, join Fr. Scott and others exploring our call to Christian mission. To learn more contact Fr. Scott via our office at 478-923-1791

ALSO: Public Reading of Scripture: Join Fr. Scott and Janet Peters Thursday's at 6pm to explore the ministry of sharing scripture. Class will meet every Thursday Sept 14th until Oct 5. Our aim is to help you (and ourselves) improve your public reading skills, develop your own individual style of reading, and become more confident and comfortable while reading the scriptures. There will be copies of Clayton Schmit's book Public Reading of Scripture for you to buy at approximately $11. To take this step to grow in Christian ministry contact Janet Peters via our office at 478-923-1791


Sunday School

Sunday School for Children begins Sunday Sept 10th at 9 am in our office building (The building to the left of our main sanctuary) To get your kids involved please come Sunday. If you are new or newer and would like to know more, please contact Bronwyn via our office at 478-923-1791

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